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Winquoteis the most powerful financial quoting and analysis system in our company's products. By this system, you can watch multi market's Real Time financial infomation in the same screen. Winquote has different way to present the infomation. We call it view. For example : Full Page, Monitor Page, Forex Page, Chart, Option Page, News Page etc You can attach the view on the screen depending on your requirment. You can split the screen in to several region. So, you can design your own screen layout.
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TQJava4.0 is financial quotation and analysis software with JAVA technology development. This product in addition to the general offer screen such as Teletext, Monitor page, profit and loss table and limit minder, there are simple and easy to use chart analysis. Using this system, you can either run on a Windows system or on a MAC machine. And the interface is easy to use, suitable for beginners technical analysts and only need simple financial information.
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TQPDA is the real-time financial data app that support iphone, ipad, Android. It let you get the real-time financial data at any where , any time. TQPDA include HK Teletext screen, monitor page(monitor over ten products price at a screen) and chart tools. The futures page support the monitor of all month of a futures.

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